Project List

Investigator Name:               Chad Markert
Affiliation:                              Post-Doc at WFIRM (working closely with Drs Childers, Furth and Soker)
Participating Student: -
Project:                                  Imaging the hindlimb vasculature of mice.
Details:                                   Is a muscle physiologist, and wants to study muscle degeneration and regeneration in animal models of muscular dystrophy.  Through projects at WFIRM, Mr Markert has developed interest in injecting stem cells intravascularly, to see if they participate in regeneration of degenerated/diseased muscle.

Investigator Name:               Dr Joel Berry
Affiliation:                              Research Assistant Professor, WFIRM
Participating Student:          Stephen Baker (PhD candidate)
Project:                                  Imaging electrospun nanofibers made of a natural protein.
Details:                                   Has sent a piece of material with fibers approaching 1 micron in diameter. Their main interest is to segment fiber cross sections from the images to construct a 3D model of the fibrous mat.
Literature:                             Sacks2.pdf

Investigator Name:               Dr Joseph W Freeman
Affiliation:                              Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Participating Student:          -
Project:                                  -
Details:                                   -

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