The full workshop is available on the Web at the following link:

The workshop invite is below:

SBES/ICTAS Advanced Multiscale CT Facility (SAMCT) invites you to the

Nano-Micro Computed Tomography

Thursday, March 25th , 2010
Remote Location: Wake Forest PTRP-129
9:30am – 12:30pm


Highlights of the workshop:

  • Introduction to multi-scale CT, especially nano- and micro-CT, accessible to users
  • Description of the SAMCT facility, unique in the world
  • Applications in biological, material science and other areas, exemplary  collaborative efforts
  • Guidelines for working with SAMCT
To attend the workshop, YOU MUST REGISTER BY Monday, 22nd of March 2010 at this link (Registration is free)

There will be free lunch for registered participants and a facility tour for those who are interested
and registered!

Workshop Schedule

 9:15am  Coffee  
 9:30-9:40  Introduction
 - Dr. Clay Gabler
 - Dr. Roop Mahajan
 9:40-10:05  CT Basics and Facility Overview
 - Dr. Ge Wang
 Biological Applications of Nano- and Micro-CT
 - Dr. Renee Prater
 10:30-10:55  Material Science Applications of Nano- and Micro-CT
 - Dr. Linbing Wang
 10:55-11:05  Break  
 11:05-11:30  Image Analysis and Visualization with Nano- and Micro-CT
 - Dr. Chris Wyatt
 11:30-11:55  Facility Management
 - Mr. Kriti Sen Sharma
 11:55  Conclusion
 - Dr. Chris Wyatt
 -  Lunch and Poster Session
1:30pm onwards
 Facility Tour
 Registration necessary

Read about Multiscale CT on our homepage.