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Xradia Micro XCT Batch 3 Summer 2010

posted Jul 27, 2010, 11:33 AM by Cody Edgell   [ updated Jul 27, 2010, 12:04 PM ]

Xradia MicroXCT Batch 3

Cody Edgell


Room 1003, NCFL, CRC - See Lab Location for details

  • Training is during the third week of July


 Trainee PI     DepartmentCompleted      Training?
 Reina Koganemaru
Nikki Miller
   Jiang Li
Khai Ngo

Plan for the Training session
  • Day 1: Overview of X-Ray physics and reconstruction methods, introduction to the machine.
  • Day 2: Observation of trainer operating the controller with extensive note taking
  • Day 3: Supervised practice using the controller, introduction to the reconstructor.
  • Day 4: More supervised practice using the controller and reconstructor, introduction to 3d viewer. 
  • Day 5: More Supervised practice using controller, reconstructor and 3d viewer.
 Before the Training

Before the training session starts, there are some requirements that you need to complete.
Details below:

These should be completed before attending the first training session:
  1. Radiation Safety Certification: Visit the Environmental, Health and Safety Services (EHSS) site and register for the Cabinet X-ray Equipment class. Then complete the Radiation Safety course through Blackboard. (This class can be completed ONLINE; you do NOT have to attend any lectures.)

    A radiation badge will be assigned to you and it must be worn at all times when using the scanners.
    Allow for some time for EHSS to deliver badges - usually your badges are directly mailed to us

  2. NCFL Entry Card: You need to get a security key card for building access. For more details, read the section on "Physical Access" at the NCFL site.

  3. Collaboration Guidelines: You and the project PI need to review the Collaborator webpage for guidelines of facility usage. Following this, send an email to the SAMCT manager and Director (project PI in CC), stating that your project team accepts the Guidelines.

  4. Online Training Material: Go through the online training material (tutorials, videos).
After the Training
  • After successful completion of training, ask the SAMCT manager to give you:
    • Security code to enter the CT facility.
    • Scheduler login and password
  • You are allowed to operate only the scanner for which you have completed training.
  • Always schedule instrument before usage.