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Xradia MicroXCT Batch 1

Kriti Sen Sharma


Room 1003, NCFL, CRC - See Lab Location for details

Sept.-Oct. 2009

Completed Training
  1. Shaza
  2. Dong Wang
Attended some sessions
  1. Spencer Lee, Digital Libraries Research Lab
  2. Tom Goodrich
  3. James D. Schiffbauer
  • 9/2   (1.5hr) - Demonstration of Xradia MicroXCT operation
  • 9/30 (1.5hr) - Finding Isocenter
  • 10/7 (1hr)    - Shaza sample
  • 10/9 (1hr)    - Dong sample
Before the Demo, You Should
1. Watch the short (and entertaining) training video.
2. Browse through the online tutorial.
    Especially subsection about "Finding the Isocenter" under section "Controller".
3. You may watch a videotaped training session (later at your own time) conducted by Xradia personnel. It is a bit long... 4 hours!
4. PDF version of training module also available here. However, online version may be slightly more updated.

For scheduling scans, contact Kriti.