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3D Viewer

After reconstruction is finished, you may view the image in TXM 3D Viewer. You will need to create a folder for your labs images for storage since there is no personalized login for the PC. Images will eventually be stored on PACS, an image database.

When viewing images in TXM 3D Viewer, by default you will have four windows to view and rotate your images (Figure 16). There will be three windows to view different planes. There is XY, YZ, XZ, and then one that will be a 3D reconstruction. You can manipulate the image in different ways, such as cropping it. It can also be exported into other usable file formats such as JPG or DICOM. Animation files can also be created and exported as needed. Clicking and dragging the 3D model will rotate it in different directions.

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Figure 16: TXM 3D viewer window