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Use the TXM Reconstructor program to assemble your images into a usable format. There are various ways to adjust your images for better quality. One way is final center shift if your scan is off axis and this will shift the scans. Correction to the beam line can also be made if needed. Reconstruction time will vary based on number of projections and settings used. TXM 3D Viewer can be used to view the volume and cross-sectioned slices. If the scanned sample was weak absorbing object, use phase contrast in reconstruction. Phase contrast relies on the refractive properties of the object.

3.1: Doing a 3D reconstruction

1. Launch TXM Reconstructor and open the desired tomography data set.

2. Select the Reconstruction Icon to start reconstruction.

3. Find the rotation center if needed by clicking on the rotation center icon in the tool bar. 

4. Click on the reconstruction settings icon in the toolbar. (Figure 15)

5. Select a file name and path to store the 3D volume in the Output File Name box.

6. Click the PreProcess button to perform the preprocessing before starting the reconstruction.

7. Select the OK button to begin the reconstruction.

8. The program will now reconstruct the data set into a 3D volume data set.

9. When the reconstruction is finished, a completion message will be displayed with the amount of time required to complete the reconstruction.

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Figure 15: Reconstruction settings window