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Reconstructions begin automatically when the scan begins. Select the graph icon to view reconstruction progress. If you want to change a parameter you may also restart reconstructions from the command line.

Time required will depend on number of images acquired. When complete, image layers can be scrolled through. The image volume can then be exported.

Figure 13 shows the layout of the reconstruction window. The details about each section are as follows:
1. Drawing Symbols (Icon Box) – By clicking on these symbols, the mouse function is selected. These functions are only valid for clicks in the input field. 
2. View field – In this field, the current image being processed is shown. When the mouse is pressed and/or is held down, the drawing function selected in field 1 takes place. 
3. Overview field – Tomographs are displayed. Clicking with the mouse on an image in this field will select the current image for display in field 2. 
4. Black & white/Color scale – Select and change colors. A repeated mouse click will return to the original black & white display. 
5. Image selection area – clicking with the mouse causes the selected image to be shown in field 2. Enter a slice number by using the keyboard or click on arrows to move through slices one by one. 
6. 2D-Evaluation Information – Shows coordinates of cursor, size of ROI and distance, density, and area calculations. 
7. Choose evaluation method from the following options: Printing, 2D/3D histomorphometry, 3D distance measurements. 
8. Density scaling – Reloads all images on a fixed density scale to compare density values visually. To return to the original display click on the button again.

Figure 14 shows the image selection window where scans may be selected for reconstruction and viewing.

4.1: Loading Previous Measurements 
It is also possible to access old measurements through the reconstruction program. (Figure 14) will appear upon starting the program.
The left side of the window lists the Samples (i.e. Projects). Selecting a Sample will show all Measurements (i.e. different scans) within that Project on the right side. After selecting the Measurement, click the OK button. This will load all images from this Measurement. Other measurements can be selected by clicking on the 'Select Measurement' button in the main window.

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Figure 13: Reconstruction window

Figure 14: Image selection window