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1. To begin taking scans, select the gear icon. 

2. Define the scan being done (for details, refer Section 2). After the first time, all subsequent scans with the same type of sample can be acquired with the same settings. 
3. Each ‘sample’ is a project (e.g. legs of numerous rat fetuses).  The first time a sample is being set up, use your name and a description.
4. Under each ‘sample,’ multiple measurements (scans) can be acquired e.g. rat fetus #1, #2, etc. Keep a logbook of each scan with a sample number, a measurement number, and notes about the scan.
5. Place the prepared sample in the scanner and select icon below.

6. Double clicking a previous scan will display information about a selected scan. 
7. Test the protocol. If satisfactory click OK to save and exit.
8. If there is need to change the sample or if something is wrong, select ‘Unload’ to abort the scan and start over. 
9. Going into scout view will take one projection. By default it starts full range. It can be modified later. 
10. Once the full-range scan is completed, you may modify the scan area by selecting reference line to select Region of Interest.
11. You may set more than 1 scan area per measurement by setting multiple reference lines. Select 'Batch' in that case.
12. Select OK to start measurement.
13. A progress bar will appear.
14. Reconstruction can be done at a later time. 

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