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Currently the demand for training and for getting scans completed on SAMCT scanners is more than our staff can handle. Due to this reason, we have decided that we would do up to:
  • 1 training session per scanner per semester
       (4-5 trainees per training session)
  • 3 external sample scans per semester
       (i.e. scan completed by SAMCT staff)
Trainers at SAMCT are:
  • Chris Wyatts
         - for Scanco VivaCT
  • Sourav Mishra 
         - for Xradia MicroXCT
If you are interested in getting trained to use any of the SAMCT scanners, or want your samples scanned by us, please download the relevant application form (from the 'Download' links at the bottom of this webpage) and submit a completed application to sourav[at] Attach relevant documents to your application email as necessary. Additionally, follow this link to provide some preliminary information about you and your research. 

Cody Edgell,
Jul 2, 2010, 1:36 PM