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Protocol for use of the Malvern NanoZS in ICTAS 1, Room 240
Due to the high volume of outside groups using the Malvern NanoZS instrument, we are
instituting a procedure for reserving time on the DLS. We will try to accommodate
everyone. However, experiments from the Davis lab group will take precedence.
Individuals not following this protocol may not be awarded time on the instrument.
Everyone must be trained to properly use the instrument, as determined by a

member of the Davis lab group.
You must contact the member of the Davis group in charge of scheduling (Will: or Raquel: the Thursday or Friday prior to
the week in which you want to do your measurements.
In that email, you should specify three things:

o How much time you need.
o What your availability is for the entire week.
o Any special accommodations you may need.
You must arrive on time. If you are more than 10 minutes late, your time will be

given away and you will need to reschedule for the following week.
You must dispose of your own waste and provide your own disposables (i.e.

pipettes, cuvettes, syringes, filters, etc.).
Following these relatively simple procedures will make our lives much easier and us
much more enthusiastic about helping you with your experiments. However, please keep
in mind that we have our own research to do and are not here to help with data analysis.
Additionally, please write down important details during your training so that we don’t
have to waste time and re-train you. Thank you everyone for your help.