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SAMCT has multiple collaborators in academia and industry. This webpage is about:
  • policies for collaboration with academic collaborators
  • policies for collaboration with industrial collaborators (to be added soon)


The objective of SAMCT is to create a world-class center of excellence for research and education on multiscale CT. We would like to stress that the SBES Multiscale CT Center is not a service center at this moment unlike many other facilities of similar nature, and usually NO FEES are charged for feasibility scans at SAMCT. 

Publication, Co-Authorship and Data Sharing
In publications stemming from collaborative projects (utilizing data obtained at SAMCT with our technical collaboration):
  1. If SAMCT staff contribute significantly to the experimental design or analysis, they should be included as a co-author, as is appropriate. In other cases, formal acknowledgment of SAMCT of assistance is appreciated. 

    In the publications, please use the following text and names of SAMCT staff (as is appropriate):

    "The CT studies were performed in the SBES Advanced Multiscale Computed Tomography Facility (SAM-CT), supported by an NIH SIG grant (RR025667), an NSF MRI grant (CMMI0923297) as well as ICTAS and SBES internal funding."

  2. In general, data from scans at SAMCT would be jointly owned by the user and SAMCT. Such data might be used by SAMCT members for demo and technical publications. If we use your data in any paper and the data is a main focus of the paper, you will be listed as coauthor; if data usage is for demonstration alone, then your contribution will be acknowledged in the paper.  If you have any concern with this convention, please feel free to discuss with us and make alternative arrangements.

Highest priority for scanner usage would be given to NIH-funded local users.  Each user is strongly encouraged to become independent with a minimum initial training from the VT/SAMCT unless SAMCT is converted into a service center in the future.  Given the current financial constraints overall, our SAMCT staff is already overloaded but we remain highly motivated to do our best.

We would like to post your accomplishments in the lab and on this website. Please send us a PDF of your published paper so that we can do so. 

Project Reports

  • SAMCT is committed to developing and promoting this world-class center for wide-spread applications. Towards this aim, reports about your projects at SAMCT would be requested and posted on the SAMCT website and in other publication mechanisms.
  • Because SAMCT is funded by NIH, ICTAS and other research agencies, your project reports are requested by the funding agencies in our annual/semi-annual reports.
  • Specifically, the users of the facility are obligated to submit ~3 page technical reports including enough details about theory/background, motivation, sample preparation methods, experimental results, etc.
  • Such a report should typically be sent to Kriti and copied to Ge and Chris within 1 month after their sample being scanned at SAMCT. For routine scans run in large numbers, different reports are not needed. However, if the nature of sample/scanning protocol is changed significantly, a fresh report would be due within a month of such a scan.