The Virginia Tech SBES Advanced Multiscale CT (SAM-CT) Facility uses state-of-the-art scanners for research. Here are the available facilities and a brief description of each of them.

Scanner Resolution Pixel Size
Field of View
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  Xradia NanoXCT

High Resolution Optics (HR):

Large Field of View (LFOV):

HR: 16nm

LFOV: 65nm

HR: 15µm

LFOV: 65µm
  • Life Science Studies
  • Semiconductor Package FA
  • Advanced Material Analysis
  • Oil & Gas Drilling Feasibility Models
  • etc.

  • 8 keV Cu X-ray source
 Xradia MicroXCT

See Spreadsheet below

  • biological tissues
  • semiconductor devices
  • next generation medical devices 
  • etc.
  • 20-80 KeV X-ray source
  • stage that allows for 4 degrees of movement of sample
 Scanco MicroCT
< 16 µm

 - 76µm

38 x 145 mm
  • biological tissues
  • in vitro imaging
  • allows both wide and narrow focus over a sample
  • 30-70 kVp/20-50 keV (150 µA) X-ray source
  • Equipped with physiological
    monitoring unit (which detects and pauses scanning
    during breathing cycle)

SAMCT Resolutions