SBES Advanced Multiscale CT Facility (SAMCT) works around the concept of Multiscale CT.

Multiscale CT: By bringing together various state-of-the-art CT scanners under one roof, Multiscale CT allows the user to run CT scans at various spatial resolutions - ranging from mm to sub 50nm. The concept is best understood by the figure below, which shows the typical samples at different resolutions and also the CT scanner usable at that scale. For more details about Multiscale CT, read the FAQ.

The SAM-CT Facility is a wing of the Biomedical Imaging Division at SBES, Virginia Tech.

As members of the Biomedical Imaging Division, w
e have been at the cutting edge of biomedical imaging for over a decade - (amongst our many contributions) we have published the first papers on spiral cone-beam CT, bioluminescence tomography, interior tomography. We are currently developing novel algorithms in image deblurring to achieve Super-Resolution Imaging to go beyond the resolution capabilities of even the most advanced CT scanners.

The facility is located in Room 1003 of Nanoscale Characterization and Fabrication Laboratory (NCFL) of ICTAS. Click here for directions.

New users at SAMCT, please visit the training section.

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